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This ZEISS Axiophot microscope is loaded with accessories phase contrast condenser with brightfield/phase contrast/darkfield, built-in Bertrand lens/ phase telescope; circular rotating stage with xy controls / rectangular stage available as n/c option; 3 research grade objective lenses that all produce brilliant images:


Plan Neofluars are the very best for fluorescence since there is no auto-fluorescence within fluorite as there is when using objectives made with quartz. The planapochromat 100x/oil/1.4/phase3 objective originally cost over $4k and has the highest correction factor of all 100x/oil objectives. All three of these objectives produce brilliant images and cost more than the asking price of the microscope.

AttoArc (made for Zeiss) is a complete HBO mercury illuminator with push button controller module and mercury bulb intensity control, new 100 HBO bulb all in Excellent condition.

Three camera ports: 2 for 35mm cassette and one port on top for video/digital with Diagnostic Z-Clamp with focusing lens.

We offer many other optional accessories like objective lenses, eyepieces, digital cameras, etc.

This outfit cost over $28k when new and there is still a great deal of usefulness in it. Excellent Zeiss craftsmanship can be seen throughout.


*Coolled LED Fluorescence Illuminators with 20 various wavelengths to choose from. LED is considered an upgrade from Mercury and Metal Halide for many reasons since there are potential health hazards and hazardous waste disposal issues when using mercury not to mention the cost advantage. Mercury bulbs on the average cost about $200 each and last just 200 hours. LED's are rated for 20,000 hours which amount to about 20 years with the same use. The unit pays for itself quickly and then is TOTALLY MAINTENANCE FREE. They can be turned on and off hundreds of times a day and there is no warm up or cool down times and NO ALIGNMENT procedures! It is very bright and features an rheostat for increasing and decreasing the intensity.

*Purchase Orders Accepted with approval from Universities, Hospitals, and Government facilities in U.S.A.
**Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed with 7 day Inspection and Right of Refusal.
***Highly trained microscope technicians certify all microscopes.
****25 years in the profession.


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