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Choice of Colors & Magnifications


Looking in the eyepieces of a microscope is like seeing another world of limitless forms, structures & exciting colors! 


But, who said the outside of microscopes had to be boring with eyepieces and stand colors like battleship gray, wishy-washy white, or backward brown? Yuck.


Enter our new 10x focusing eyepieces - with color! For those who would like some excitement and walk on the wild side with some real color we are offering Blue, Red, Pink,& Black 10x focusing eyepieces.  


They are not just colorful, their specifications are among the most expensive eyepieces with the coveted 22mm wide-field of view, optical correction for curvature of field, spherical aberrations, and those who wear eyeglasses - all of which help in yielding highly-resolved images. 


Ladies who use microscopes prefer our red, and pink colors.

Men prefer black, and blue colors.


You will like the price, too.

The average cost for a pair of 10x eyepieces with the same optical specifications sell for minimum of $300.

Compare to our price: $175 pair / limited time.

Includes free shipping in the USA 48 states. 


In order to fit your microscope properly we will need the manufacturer name and model of your microscope. Example: Olympus BX41; Nikon E80i, etc.


Five Year Warranty!


As of today, we are completely sold out and are awaiting the next shipment which will be in 30 days.

We sell out of stock within 1 week, so if would like to reserve a pair all we need is a deposit of $49 .

This will ensure a set for you.


If so, just let us know by calling or sending an email message to Kim, our office manager.

We accept credit / debit card and checks.

When considering a purchase you will want to know this:

TSC, Inc ships to the USA (48 Continental States), CANADA, and most countries throughout the world. Please take note that our Shopping Cart and Check Out can only be used if your shipping address is in the USA (48 States) or Canada, and you use a major credit card. If your shipping address is outside the USA (48 states) or Canada please contact our office with your complete shipping address & the product you wish to purchase. We will calculate the amount for you so you will be able to add the shipping amount and finalize your Check Out.  (Please do not attempt complete the Check Out until we have supplied you with the shipping amount.)

Credit Card Payments:

   If shipping to the USA or Canada please select the 'name of the product' you wish to purchase, and select 'USA' or 'Canada'. The correct S/H/Ins amount will automatically be added to your total so you can finalize the transaction.
TSC, Inc. and Authorize Net, our Credit Card Merchant Service Provider adhere to the most stringest Privacy regulations in the industry and do not share or sell any of our customer's credit card or personal information whatsoever. (Please email for full disclosure regarding this.)
Bank Wire Transfers / Company or Personal Checks / Money Orders / International Orders:
   Please send a message or call our office or if you wish to use Bank Wire Transfer, Personal, Business Check, or Money Order.
For orders from outside the 48 States (USA), or Canada, the only form of payment we accept is Bank Wire Transfer. We also accept Bank Wire  Transfers from anywhere for orders of $300 or more. Any payment must clear our bank prior to shipping. Depending on the type of payment, please allow between 3-7 days for the payment to clear. 
***Insurance is automatically included in the shipping amount on all shipments with a price greater than $100. This is to ensure protection for all parties.  
We are in the process of providing our customers with a more stream-lined Shopping Cart.
Thank you!
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