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Equipment Demo's and Doctor Video's!
Short video clips made by dentists with their Seiler Surgical Microscopes.


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These videos demonstrate that DOM's (dental operating microscopes) have become an essential and versatile tool in dentistry for a wide range of procedures - not just for root canals.  Please take a few minutes and check them out to see some of the various procedures that have been recorded through the Seiler iQ or Evolution microscope with one of our digital/video cameras.  Be sure to check back as we will be adding new clips by other dentists using Seiler Dental Surgical Microscopes. 


To see more videos by Dr. Craig S. Kohler just click here: http://www.youtube.com/user/craigskohler/featured



Brief Seiler 'Evolution' Microscope demo, Dane Carlson, Seiler V.P.

Practicing Microscope Abilities, Dr. Craig Kohler

Filling - using Seiler Dental Surgical Microscope, Dr. Craig Kohler

Backfill of Calcium Hydroxide in a root canal, video using a Seiler Microscope, by Dr. Alan Mead

Refining a core backup on #18, video taken using a Seiler Microscope, by Dr. Alan Mead

Micro-dentististry Kavo's Diagnodent Laser Detects Decay using Seiler Surgical Microscope, by Dr. Craig Kohler

Severe decay...can this tooth be saved? Dr. Craig Kohler

Berlin Microscope Meeting, Dr Craig Kohler

Root Canal and Veneer #25, Dr Craig Kohler

Smoking new dental laser technology from Zolar to remove gum tissue, Dr Craig Kohler

Simple filling leads to nerve exposure, Dr Craig Kohler

#31 fractured tooth with decay saved with preparation of gold crown

Monster cavity under filling - can tooth be saved? Dr Craig Kohler

Dr. Craig S. Kohler as a teacher of other dentists.

Physician's experience with dental experience with Dr Kohler

Why patient travel 2.5 hrs regularly to see his dentist...Dr Craig Kohler